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Karabo G Modise

Karabo Modise
Name: Karabo G Modise

DOB: 20 July 1988

Place of Birth: Jwaneng

Started playing cricket: std 3 age 7

First cricket team: primary school under 9 ‘B’ team….i know

First Coach: really cant remember..

Favourite moment playing for Botswana: The night we won division 2, was really tired and didn’t go out to eat with the boys, fell asleep at like 9.30, woke up at 3am, then it really hit me,the extent to which God had come through for us, and couldn’t go back to bed, went on FB and all the well wishes were just amazing to see…nothing but joy in my heart…really happy moment.

Cricketing heroes: AB de Villiers, Karabo Motlhanka

Best Cricket Destination travelled to so far: no doubts at all, Kampala,Uganda

Outside of cricket:

Other sport involved in: ping, seriously…i played some rugby when i was younger, could have been an amazing flyhalf/8th man

Favourite teams from other sport: Springboks, Sharks

Favourite meal: il eat almost anything , except fruits/veg, but i like anything salty/meaty so… seswaa

Favourite TV show: I say it with no shame, Generations and Suits..

Favourite Movie: Lord of the rings, all of them

Favourite Songs: Your Presence is Heaven to me, by Israel and New Breed

Ideal travel destination: ANYWHERE in Africa..north of Kazungula that is, thats where Africa starts…want to see Nigeria, or Cameroon or Burundi, have no desire for Europe.

The last time you laughed so hard and why?: a couple of days ago, was laughing at a friend, who was trying to convince me they aren’t sneaky..such a silly person.



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