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Muhammad Abdullah Omar Ali

Muhammad Abdullah Omar Ali

DOB: 17th January 1985

Place of Birth: Gaborone, Botswana.

Started playing cricket: 7 Years old

First cricket team: Thornhill Primary School, U12 Botswana and then Mamoos

First Coach: Alistair Stewart

Favourite moment playing for Botswana: First 100, 12 years old, 1997, Primary School, Thornhill vs Boradhurst (Final)

Cricketing heroes: Jonty Rhodes, Hashim Amla, Shoaib Akhtar

Best Cricket Destination travelled to so far: Jersey Islands and Singapore

Outside of cricket:
Other sport involved in: Athletics, Soccer, Rugby and Softball

Favourite teams from other sport: Manchester United, Brazil, Blue Bulls

Favourite meal: Anything that has meat

Favourite TV show: Prison Break, Heroes, Auction Kings, Las Vegas too many to mention.

Favourite Movie: Avengers, Batman with the Joker (can’t remember the name)

Favourite Songs: Funky House, House and R n B nothing in particular

Ideal travel destination: Europe and the Middle East

The last time you laughed so hard and why?: Fielding practice, when a high catch was hit to Tshepo and it went through his hands and hit him where the sun don’t shine

Any other comments or interesting facts?:
• Love my sport and wish I can one day be part of any sort of World Cup Sport.
• Softball was my favourite sport, followed by soccer, athletics and Finally Cricket.

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