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The Re ba bona Ha Cricket programme in Francistown


The Botswana Cricket development programme includes among other aspects: Introducing the game to the populace of Botswana, coach education and training administrators to run the development programme effectively, the identification of talent at grassroots level, exposing the highly talented individuals to a higher level of competition and ultimately be the supply cog of the regional and national team junior representative sides.

It should also be observed that this “investment “project’s aims and objectives will not be realized overnight but it’s a process that requires close cooperation by all be it in coach education, administrator training, corporate support and sponsorship.

Training and transformation

Since the inception of the Development programme, it has seen the game spread to previously marginalized areas and this has not spared the Northern Region of Botswana, Francistown, in particular. With the help of BNSC development programme dubbed “Re Ba bona Ha” that focuses on talent identification at grassroots level, The Botswana Cricket in partnership with BNSC currently runs the development programme in Francistown that has seen 20 primary schools being incorporated in the initial programme with 30 plus teachers and volunteers having received basic cricket coach education to man these training sessions.

Three centres are currently running in Francistown with the Western Community being catered for by the Monarch School cricket facility, the Southern part being taken care of from Phatsimo Primary school and the Eastern part of the town being served by the Satellite centre.

Currently one mid-week training practice session runs in 2 of the centres with the Saturday practice session capping it up for the week. Each centre has seen at least 25 primary school going boys and girls access mini cricket activities thereby focusing on the Basic skill acquisition in the three main areas of batting, Bowling and fielding in cricket.

The Monarch centre has seen 3 coaches take charge of the training sessions, with Satellite centre also having the same number of coaches to take through the boys and girls through their paces. The Phatsimo school centre has seen children from the Southern part of the town access cricket within their neighbourhood.

Typical Practice session

The mini cricket programme has been directed to capture the young at least 7 year old upwards the plastic, easy to use equipment taking centre stage. More game skill sessions that constitute skill acquisition are the order of the day with the modified game version playing a pivotal role in introducing orthodox cricket. This has allowed the young lads to progress on with fun and enjoyment being incorporated in their practice sessions.

Figure 1...Boys and girls go through drills at Phatsimo Centre with teachers taking closer look.

Figure 1…Boys and girls go through drills at Phatsimo Centre with teachers taking closer look.

Figure 2…Close catching practice.

Figure 2…Close catching practice.

Figure 3...Batting drills session...

Figure 3…Batting drills session…











Human Resources




The Botswana Cricket Association provided training for the mentors who look after the centers and will continue to enhance their skills by providing further training so as to improve on quality in skills

Figure 4...teachers and Volunteer coaches undergoing training.

Figure 4…teachers and Volunteer coaches undergoing training.

Facilities and equipment

As cricket gains more limelight in the country, Botswana Cricket Association proposed to have mini cricket facilities that would provide the budding players with a platform to play on. In response to the BCA request, BNSC through its Re Ba Bona Ha major sponsors-Debswana saw it fit to have cricket facilities constructed in the town of Francistown-the second largest city in Botswana as a pilot project in cricket.

Through the efforts of Botswana National Sports Council and sponsors, a centre wicket and practice net was put up at the cricket centre in Monarch. This has seen children who use the facility from the surrounding community use a near-proper cricket facility that will go a long way in enhancing their playing level.


The cricket center in Francistown

The cricket center in Francistown

The center wicket in Francistown

The center wicket in Francistown











Plastic equipment sets were also donated during the launch of the cricket programme.The plastic sets constituted bats, balls and sets of stumps and wickets. ( see picture below)These will go a long way in helping the young boys and girls play cricket with appropriate equipment.

Plastic equipments being donated

Plastic equipments being donated

The re ba Bona cricket project is seen as a milestone in reaching out to communities and help spread the game of cricket within the reach of the boys and girls where on average 60 plus children attend practice sessions at each centre on a given day with the help of three coaches who will be in charge of the training sessions.

Botswana Cricket Association do appreciate such efforts being put by the National Sports running body-Botswana National Sports Council in helping identify talent at an early age ,help develop their skills and nature the identified talent. With time and concerted efforts from both ends, cricket will realize growth in the not too distant future as the player base increases at junior level and up the stream.


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